Size does matter, and now it affects your SEO
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Size does matter, and now it affects your SEO
09 July 2013

When did you last use your smartphone to search online? How about your iPad or tablet? More importantly, when was the last time you visited your own website from a mobile device?

Globally, browsing and purchasing on the move is rapidly overtaking desktop based internet use. Locally, over half of all New Zealander’s use their mobile phone or tablet to research and buy.

Mobile SEO

Google recently announced changes to the way they return search results on mobile devices. Websites will first be assessed on their mobile compatibility, so the better your business's website mobile experience is, the higher you'll rank. The higher you rank, the quicker you'll be found. The better the experience, the easier it is to convert bookers.

evoSuite built websites have always been ahead of the curve; rendering comfortably on mobile devices well before intuitive design was a twinkle in the industry's eye. However, a purpose built evoSuite Responsive Website and evoSuite Mobile Website created specifically to meet the needs of your target audience and their viewing habits, including the smartphone and tablet savvy, will serve visitors to your website more effectively - and overall improve your SEO!

Already have a mobile website?

Mobile websites do have a solid purpose (especially evoSuite mobile booking engines!). The only challenge being most mobile websites are typically designed around the confines of a smartphone. But, just because it looks good on a smartphone, doesnt mean the same experience will translate to a tablet.
Tablet use has increased dramatically over recent months. Nielsen's May 2013 Online Landscape study reported a 16% increase to 31% of households using tablets to access the net; usually with their smartphone nearby while watching TV of course. This is where responsive design comes into it's own.

What is Responsive Design?

Simple, it's website design that intuitively adapts to the size of the screen and type of mobile device it's being viewed on to provide an optimal experience. So, regardless of whether you are viewing a website from your PC, tablet or smartphone, the appearance and experience of your site remain functional and consistent.

Our solution

Stop further frustration, and squinting. You don't need to continue to lose valuable income by forcing mobile customers off your site. We specialise in building responsive and mobile websites, daily. With our competitive pricing and best practice methods, you'd be surprised how easy it is to get on board the responsive and mobile band wagon.

Talk to one of our Marketing specialists today on how we can help your business thrive online, no matter what size screen. Contact: Phone +64 7 541 1111.




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