5 things your website can tell you
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5 things your website can tell you
13 September 2013

If you have a website for your property, you should also have access to your website statistics. Although looking through a website report may be daunting, and it isn't exactly the most fascinating read; the information revealed is incredibly helpful for your business, including whether your marketing investment is doing it's job.

Here are 5 simple areas to keep an eye on:

  1. Unique visits - this tells you how many people visited your website and when. The key stats to look at is 'unique' visits, this is counted as one person who visited your website. The total number of all visits to your website, includes people who may have returned to your website several times that month.
  2. Source and Referral sites - where are your website visits coming from? A search engine (Google etc), direct by typing in your website address, or a travel listing website you've paid to be on?
  3. Top pages - ranks your most popular pages based on the number of visits to each page. If your marketing goal is to get more bookings and you've done some marketing to push this, then your bookings or contact page should sit at the top.
  4. Exit pages - this section reveals which pages people left your website from. If it's from your homepage, it's likely the visitor has decided your property isn't what they were looking for.
  5. Actions - the pages visited and actions taken while on your website can tell you whether a visitor was interested in staying with you. The obvious sign is receiving a booking or phone call enquiry from your website, however indicators of interest could also include; download of information, submitting an online form, sending you an email from your website or the number of visits to your contact us page.

Your website should turn lookers into bookers

Examining your website report is not just about finding what works, it's about discovering what might work better so you can improve the experience on your website and make it easier for people to find their way round and book with you. Combining your website report with your booking engine report will arm you with the very best tools for measuring your marketing efforts.

A successful website isn't one that just looks good or has the most hits or visits, if those website visits don't turn into a booking, the numbers are worthless. A successful website is instead one that brings more guests through your door.

To receive further information on improving your online presence contact our marketing team on +64 7 541 1111, email marketing@reservegroup.biz. Read more articles from our experts here.


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