Supporting the Pacific Islands and now Hawaii!
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Supporting the Pacific Islands and now Hawaii!
24 September 2013

RéserveGroup provides strategy consulting, marketing services and technology solutions for tourism businesses in the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and now Hawaii.

Our talented team of tourism marketing and digital specialists combine experience with capabilities to help hotels, resorts, attractions and organisations increase their revenue and reduce their costs.

In our 12 years of operation we’ve been well supported by the tourism industry; serving over 500 clients including Cook Islands Tourism, Papua New Guinea Tourism, Solomon Islands Visitor Bureau and Tourism New Zealand. Now it’s time for us to share what we can do for Hawaii tourism businesses.

We want to share some of the knowledge gained through our combined 50 years’ experience in promoting travel to the South Pacific. Over the next month you’ll receive a short weekly email from us featuring simple tips specific to the tourism challenges you may face in your region. We aim to transform the way you look at marketing your property to potential guests; to help grow your bookings and increase your revenue.

Tell us what you'd like to learn more about in our newsletters by clicking on the relevant links:

1. I want to increase visitors to my business

2. I want to reduce the booking commission fees I pay

3. I want to know if what I spend on marketing is worth it

4. I want to attract more people to my website

5. I want to spend less time and money on marketing my property

6. All of the above

To find out more about our team and areas of specialty, check out our website here.

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