Sales, marketing and customer service
Store your leads in a database for future communications and convert them into real opportunities.
Add an opportunity within a specific client’s file, assign it to a staff member and add important details like priority, status, start and due dates, notes and documents.
Manage clients, accounts, orders and shipping details and access data on every sale made.
Maintain customer data and distribution lists to send attractive, branded communications.
Set up and maintain product information like brochures, catalogues and price lists and interface with the documents module to send them with your communications.
Save time by publishing your communications easily in multiple places with the Announcements and eMarketing modules.
Create, maintain and store a knowledge base from product knowledge to training material.
Track support requests from customers - improve efficiency and enhance customer service with a centralised support system.
Maintain documentation for products and services and ensure your team always has the latest product information on hand.
General features
Create, track and synchronise with Microsoft Outlook many types of activities: phone calls, meetings, tasks, letters, faxes, emails, leads, opportunities, sales orders, support requests, and notes. Each activity can have further notes and documents attached and cross-referenced with each other.
Create sophisticated summary reports with the click of a button and manipulate live data with drag-and-drop tools or export to Microsoft Excel or Word for further insight.
Analyse your data using our powerful and flexible évoSuite grid to see which marketing campaigns have been the most popular and tailor your communications accordingly.
Click the built-in icons to go to a client’s website, send emails or track activity – saving time by using the power of your évoSuite CRM to direct you where you want to go instantly.
Interface with other modules for an all-encompassing approach to your sales, marketing and customer initiatives, centralised from one intelligent system – your évoSuite CRM.
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